These days there is no excuse for not having a business specific email address… what I mean is instead of using a generic email provider such as Hotmail, Yahoo or your ISP for your business email you have a domain name specific to your company. For example if your company name is ‘XYZ Plumbing’ you would have an email address such as ‘’ quit smoking pills zyban.

The main advantage is the impression this gives to prospective and existing customers, it makes you look established and serious.

The other benefit is that it future proofs you, once you have purchased a domain name then as long as you keep renewing it it will be yours forever, whereas if you have an email address from a generic provider your email address will only last for as long as they provide the service, or as long as you are with that ISP. This can then become costly as you would have to change all of your signage and printed stationery such as business cards and flyers.Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

The best bit about all of this is that it isn’t expensive, you don’t even need to have a website to have a domain name. At 4B Design we provide domain and email only hosting for only £39 per year, if you would like more information about it please just ask.